Upcoming Events

Class of 1960

Contact class representative Lon Zimmerman at lonzimm@aol.com or (314) 878-7593 for the most current schedule or if you have any questions.

Class of 1961

The Class of ’61 is planning a 61st reunion for September or October 2022. The committee is looking for ideas and enthusiasm and welcomes your input.
Contact: Susan Uptegrove Myrick, suemyrick@comcast.net

Class of 1966 – 55th Reunion

The tentative date for a reunion is April 29 – May 1, 2022.
Contact: Leslee Small, lsmall@smallstrategies.com

Class of 1970

Friday, July 8 and Saturday, July 9, 2022.
More details at www.facebook.com/ladue1970
Contact: ladue1970@gmail.com

Class of 1972

The Class of ’72 will hold its 50th reunion the weekend of Sept. 9, 2022.
Full event details have been emailed to the class.
Contact: Gloria Alper Schonbrun, schonbrun@sbcglobal.net

Class of 1980 – 40th Reunion

Saturday, April 30, 2022
Contact: the 40th Reunion Committee can be reached at ladueclassof80@gmail.com. The Committee includes Lisa Hartstein Cohen, Alan Poulin, Linda Pearl Sandler, Jerry Steele, Allie Zemelman, and Jeff Zwibelman.