Planning Guide

Are you considering planning a reunion for your class but need some guidance? Below are some frequently asked questions when it comes to planning the event.

Who can plan a reunion?

Typically, reunions are coordinated by a classmate who was elected a class representative senior year. A reunion committee is then created, comprised of classmates interested in helping plan the reunion.

How do I know if a reunion is being planned?

Committee members reach out to classmates via mail, e-mail or phone call. If they cannot find your most recent contact information to send you an invitation, you might find your event online. Many reunion committees will reach out to fellow classmates on the class Facebook page. If nothing can be found online, call Bailey Otto at 314-983-5317 to see if the school district has been made aware of an event for your class.

Can a tour of the high school be scheduled for our reunion festivities?

Yes, the National Honor Society students offer tours of the building to reunion groups. Contact Jim Goldwasser at to schedule a tour.

Are reunions provided with funds to help pay for the event?

At this time, funds are not provided to help pay for reunions. However, the Ladue School District offers services such as printing and mailing for a lower cost than retail outlets. Also, district building spaces can be rented free of charge. The district’s food service provider, Chartwells, has also worked with reunions to provide food and beverages at a discounted price. Contact Jenifer Strohbeck at 314-983-5421 to rent district space or to use Chartwells’ services.

How should the reunion class handle money?

Typically, the reunion coordinators will set up a checking account in the class name and will add the reunion committee members to the account. Another option is to set up a PayPal account to accept credit cards as a form of payment for the reunion activities.

How can I contact classmates for the reunion?

Reunion coordinators can request a class list in Excel format and mailing labels by sending an email to

What are some venues that past reunion groups have used to host events?

Click here to peruse a collection of popular area venues for alumni events.